If I apologize again for not posting anything here more frequently,I may chase you away for good.Therefore,I am not gonna do that but instead tell you where I have been and what I have been doing.

I am still blogging.Blogging is fun and it takes a lot of western life pressure off my head when I know that there is somewhere I can write and have one or two people read what I have written.Its an open secret for some of you who knows me or have been reading my blah blahs that I love writing.I may not be very good at it but tell you what,I am the most determined writer…in making.Would you love to read my fictional or non-fictional materials? See I have already written a whole paragraph without telling you where I am at.I can feel some of yo time-chaser almost screaming “Jeff,get to the point”. I understand,I wish I could do just that.But I am an African,remember.No hurry in Africa and therefore for this case, inside Africans no matter where in the world they are!Suprised eenh… Read the rest of this entry »



There is something about Fridays that I have never been able to figure out properly. When Friday comes, I always feel so relaxed, even if I have no specific plans for the weekend. Isn’t it just like any other day?

One thing I am sure about is that I think more of Tanzania when Friday comes. Out there when Friday comes it’s a happy time. The phones are quite busy, especially after 2pm. Plans are being made, where we meet for a drink and chat. That is one thing you have to give us… We know how to entertain ourselves, no matter what they tell you. If it’s not a meeting to arrange one of us wedding, then it’s a drink and dance. We know how to dance and shout! When we are drunk it even gets serious, we cry out of it. If you are amazed then you have never got drunk yet. Don’t try it in front of your in-laws. Read the rest of this entry »


When we see the way the African continent is exposed on television screen of the so called “western media”, some us get angry. We get angry not because we are just angry people, but because we know that is not what the continent is all about. If I was to choose to display only the negative side of the western world, do you think I would have some images to show?

Africa of today faces a lot of challenges. The big questions is who doesn’t? Given the history of the world, one needs not to ask a lot of questions why. From slavery to colonialism and now to inside neo-colonialism, how many other continents would have even survived? Just a simple question. But what else is in Africa? For some of you who have never visited the continent here is a good example of what else is in Africa far from hunger, wars, diseases and terror.


Believe it or not, I have never struggled with making a decision like how I have this time in deciding to move from blogger to wordpress. If you look at the date of this post and compare it to when I finally said goodbye to my readers at my original home, you will understand a little bit about how difficult it has been!

I have been using blogger since I started blogging two years ago. I love blogger.It has been so hard for me to finally say goodbye to it.Do not, therefore, be surprised if tomorrow I will write you another piece saying goodbye to wordpress and going back to my roots. It all depend on how good my new host will be or treat me. Welcome to my new home.


The case of Darfur is one of the most worst stories of human history. It’s another good example of how, as human beings, we can choose to fail and indeed succeed. Many says the war on terrorism is perhaps the most dangerous thing of the century because it threatens entire college of humanism, democracy,human rights and dignity. The way the international community have and still handles the Darfur issue is a good proof of how priorities have changed lately.What we don’t understand is that by neglecting cases like Darfur we are not only doing a massive injustice to humanity but also continue the cycle of terrorism. A lot has been debated about Darfur, fingers have been pointed, and yet no concrete and workable action has been taken. Instead, the international community has avoided dealing with the issue at hand by giving naming adventure of situations to ease the tension may be. They don’t want to call it a genocide, they will feel guilty.Its not a civil war, not even in Iraq. They are not the insurgents,what the hell!

Anyway on May 24th 2007, Reuters will be hosting another big debate, with distinguished panelists on the same subject of Darfur. You can join the debate, you can ask questions and above all know deeper of what international community thinks and plans to do.However, at the end of the day I still would like to see the african leaders taking action for the continental peace and development. Aren’t we heading to G8 summit again as I warned two years ago with the same objectives, ready for promises?Come on.


Two or three forms of art usually stand out in my mind when I think of how to bestly explain anything so hard to be understood by many. Music is one of them. Now I know some music/lyrics could carry a very negative meaning, racial slurs, violence against women, championing the acts of evil etc.I am not talking about such music. I am talking about the music that is pure and nothing but positive even if it reminds us of a dark history and a long way that is still a man’s duty to walk it over. Below are the lyrics of the song titled Mama Africa by a Senegalese based in the US called Akon. If you love the continent, you will definetely love these lyrics and above all the video. Have fun and think no negative, you know better than that!

So much so much love
So much
So tell me can you feel it
So much so much yeah
Ya know
Make that visit
So much so much love
So much
Senegal can you feel it
So much so much yeah
So much
Qoow! Read the rest of this entry »


If you are using glasses for reading or day to day vision, the idea of loosing your glasses even for one hour is never appealing. Can you even start to imagine how miserable such a day could turn out to be?

In developing world over 200 million people do not actually misplace their glasses but do not have one, even though they badly need them! Many people in developing world including lots of countries in Africa live in rural areas where there is no eye care available. Most are too poor to afford eye test and a pair of glasses.

Now as you know, most people in developed world change their glasses as their eyesight changes. Some people change their glasses in order to get the latest designer brands. Reasons for changing your glasses could be many.

May be you have always wondered where can I donate my old glasses in order to help someone who can not afford glasses due to poverty, unavailability of resources etc? Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre, Third World Eye Care Society Canada or Vosh International– Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity are the people you can contact, learn more about their projects and programs hence start helping someone in need today.

If you are not in Canada, please check your country directories for local organizations with similar mission.


You must have noticed,I am trying to give my blog a new look.Given the fact that I am not a computer wiz by any standards,that may take some time.Therefore,please bear with me when I am doing that.Thanks!


Different from other parts of the world in Africa every tune,every drum beat,every saxophone bit could carry a very significant message. That means you can still enjoy the african music,on and off stage.Listen here to some of the best african tunes that are covered.If you are interested about the history of some of african greatest music styles this article will help you. Lastly,what is your opinion about today’s music in comparison with lets say ten years ago. Is it getting better or worse?Does today’s music preach love or hate? What is music to you?

In the picture above is a 2005 Juno Award winning African/Canadian musician Adam Solomon of Adam Solomon and Tikisa Band.Adam is once again a nominee for 2007 Juno Awards to be hosted by Nelly Furtado on April 1st in Saskatoon .You can listen to some of Adam Solomon tunes here. His music is excellent combination of old and new rhythm to make what we can call modern music.


Sometimes reality is a hard thing to face.Its human nature to try,as much as possible,to avoid thinking or imagining things that will depress you,make you cry,sad and even confused.The psychological therapists will tell you that thinking positive,putting a smile on your face are two important steps towards happiness,success and well-being.I agree with them.

However,there are times when one is forced to call a spade a spade.I am talking about times when we have to face the facts(even as we seriously question some of them) that AIDS remains a reality and a killer of millions of fellow African people.Now,I am not suggesting that the rest of world are not victims of the same killer disease.I just want to keep it real and in context to this blog’s main agenda/theme…African Perspective!

Therefore,we can continue asking ourselves lots of important questions like,what happened,why Africa than anywhere else etc etc.But while asking ourselves those questions we still need to do something.Let us start by asking ourselves individually,what have we done to either stop the spread of the disease or help those who have been infected.It is only by looking at the face you see in the mirror as the “power of change and hope” that we can start claiming to be ambassador’s of humanity.

The video below is from 2002 but the case remain almost the same.

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